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I hope you are all doing well in the fall - or spring depending on your location as we have subscribers around the world.  Where I write from, Stockholm, Sweden, is enjoying brilliant orange hues of autumn, the air is cool and the sun is shining. On behalf of L-Soft, I would like to welcome new members to EmailRules, a discussion community focused on email marketing and email list communications.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently published a new guide called "Email Data Management Best Practices". Among other topics, this publication covers permission, techniques to improve deliverability and unsubscribe best practices. You can read the guide here:

And if you are new to email rules and regulations, check out the overview table and the best practice checklists here:

As always, we invite you to send your questions and ideas as well as share best practices and tips with EmailRules members who share your interest in email communications. The email list home page and the message archives are located at:

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Outi Tuomaala
Executive Vice President, L-Soft

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