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It's exciting to announce today that the grand prize winner in L-Soft's LISTSERV(R) Choice Awards -- The Mailys -- 2012 is The Recovery Group's (TRG) THEBIGBOOK study list.  

Founded in 1995, TRG runs more than 100 LISTSERV(R) lists focused on helping people recover from eating disorders using the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

“The Big Book list hosts an online study each year.  Beginning in January, we study the first 150 pages of The Big Book, which the original members of Alcoholics Anonymous wrote.  Many think of the Big Book as an 'instruction manual for addicts' and the facts are that addiction has no boundaries. Food just happens to be our 'drug of choice'," said Linda Smallwood, Coordinator of THEBIGBOOK. "Our LISTSERV list has archives going back to 1999.   Each leader's share, as well as the responses to the daily assignments are there, where they can be read for years to come by those who struggle with eating disorders all over the world.  TRG's Founder, Mari, the Executive Committee, and I, on behalf of all the members of The Recovery Group, want to thank Eric (L-Soft Founder and CEO and LISTSERV inventor), the jury and everyone at L-Soft for selecting us as the winner. “ 

Congratulations to TRG, THEBIGBOOK study list, the other top five finalists -- GUNROOM, TRG's WORKING THE STEPS (WTS) and RECOVERYMEDITATIONS lists and WORLDWIDEWORDS -- and to all nominated lists.  Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in this year's awards program.

Full coverage of THEBIGBOOK's work and the announcement of the opening of nominations in The Mailys 2013 will be coming soon. If you're not already subscribed to L-Soft's LISTSERV at Work newsletter, the primary channel for news on The Mailys, tech tips, product releases, industry news and other updates, visit the opt-in center to learn more and subscribe:

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Susan Brown Faghani, L-Soft Marketing

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